30 Sustainable Brands To Watch Out For In 2021


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Table of Contents

New year, same goals! I’m not big on new year’s resolutions, but I believe we should keep striving to reach our general goals in life. To continue our journey towards a sustainable fashion industry, one closet at a time, I want to introduce you to some of my favourite sustainable brands out there today. 

Reusing, recycling and upcycling are always the most sustainable choices. If 2020 has taught us anything, it is to take care of our environment and people. However, if you MUST buy something new, then choose consciously and shop sustainably. 

There are plentiful of sustainable, ethical, and eco-friendly brands out there that offer clothes, shoes, and accessories for everyone. Here is a list of sustainable brands to look out for in 2021:

Stay Warm During Sweater Weather

Paloma Wool

© Photo Paloma Wool

Paloma Wool will give you some Barcelona heat to your wardrobe. This Spanish brand captures the inclusive and joyous culture of its home city with colors and funky prints. 

Their products are made out of locally sourced materials and sustainable fiber, their evocative prints are digitally printed using solar energy, and all their leather goods are handcrafted. Paloma Wool puts emphasis on local craftsmanship and manufacturing, and manages to deliver sustainable garments that are fun to wear.

Tricot Paris

© Photo Tricot Paris

Tricot Paris’s recycled cashmere knitwear uses a combination of recycled fiber and virgin cashmere, while their wool and cotton knitwear uses organically farmed wool and cotton. All of these products are made in Italy. 

They also offer hand-knitted products, which are made in family workshops in Peru. Their designs are every-day essentials that can be styled with jeans for a casual look, or a skirt for an evening outfit. 

Soil and Company

© Photo Soil & Company

This Peruvian knitwear brand uses local natural and organic fabric with long-standing weaving expertise to craft beautiful garments that reflects the rich Peruvian culture.

Soil & Company is the in-house brand by Gyunion Textile, a textile production company. This is an unique brand that was born and developed together with the textile supplier, meaning the manufacturer has an inherently close relationship with the brand. 


© Photo Carcel

Seasonless and slow fashion brand, Carcel, sources all its materials locally where they produce their clothes. Carcel knitwear are sleek and super soft, modern with attention to quality fabric. They offer a range of total looks or you can also easily mix and match.

Their truly inspiring story is that all of their products are made by women serving prison sentences in Peru and Thailand, where their productions are located. By providing these women a change to rebuild their future through training and fair wages, is an incredible effort and contribution to society. 

(Edit February 8th, 2021: Carcel became one of the many victims of Covid-19 lockdowns and is currently closing down)

Skall Studio

© Photo Skall Studio

“Less is more” resonates with Skall Studio’s philosophy. Simplistic and natural scandinavian design is a common thread to their collections. Skall Studio works with local Danish suppliers and creates minimal environmental impact by only using natural non-toxic fiber. They offer free repairs of Skall products and encourage customers to care for their clothes.

Shoes And Sneakers


© Photo Saye

Discover classic and timeless sneakers that can be easily dressed up or down, and for all genders. Saye offers versatile kicks without compromising design.

Saye discloses all materials used on each part of the sneakers, and all their tanneries are audited and certified. They use recycled, upcycled, vegan, and certified sustainable materials to produce their shoes. Saye is based in Barcelona, Spain where the design studio is located, while they produce locally in Europe.


© Photo Ssōne

Ssōne upcycles dead-stock leather and uses recycled materials and organic fabrics to produce their shoes and clothes. Founded in London in 2018, Ssōne has come a long way in their effort to make sustainable fashion and minimize their environmental impact. Although they’re featured for their beautiful upcycled leather boots, they also have a range of sustainable clothing collections worth browsing through.

Flamingo’s Life

© Photo Flamingo’s Life

The signature look of Flamingo’s Life sneakers is clean and white with a pop of colour. They have a selection of both low-top and high-top sneakers.

By manufacturing and producing all their products in Spain, where the company is based, Flamingo’s Life significantly reduces carbon footprint while also ensuring an ethical supply chain.

Flamingo’s Life sneakers are not only made out of vegan, but also biodegradable materials. The brand likes to apply new textile innovations into their selection of fabric, including hemp, bamboo, and corn waste. For each sneaker sold, they will donate to NGOs of environmental causes as a cherry on the top.


© Photo Veja

If you haven’t heard of Veja sneakers yet, get ready for a treat. VEJA means “look” in Brazilian, and this brand definitely has the world turning eyes. This French sneaker brand has been a pioneer in making sustainable and ethical sneakers “cool”. Their clean and timeless design is suitable for any outfit and style.

We especially love their uncompromising commitment to sustainability and transparency of their supply chain. Their honest and humble culture is respected among its peers and sneaker fans.

Premium Basics

© Photo Premium Basics

Handmade in Italy, Premium Basics blends Italian luxury quality and craftsmanship with universal streetwear. This is a brand that uses eco-friendly and non-toxic materials, such as recycled polyester and vegan PU Leather.

Their first drop, PBD_01 is an unisex sneaker that can easily be paired with loungewear and coat for a casual look or dressed up with a suit for a smart-casual outfit. If you like capsule wardrobes, then Premium Basics would be a perfect addition.


Jan N June

© Photo Jan N June

Quality knits, shirts, and other every-day essentials that are perfect for capsule wardrobes, you can use these garments to mix and match for a seasonless collection of outfits.

This is what you can expect from Jan N June, all while shopping in good conscience knowing they only source from certified sustainable suppliers using certified materials.

Beaumont Organic

© Photo Beaumont Organic

At Beaumont Organic, they move slowly, introducing two collections per year, but along the way, they make sure the environment and people are taken care of. Slow fashion is the way to go.

Beaumont Organic uses GOTS certified cotton, non-mulesing wool from the EU and works with ethical production companies located in Poland and Portugal.

Organic Basics

© Photo Organic Basics

Sustainability is no joke to Organic Basics. Every process in making each garment has sustainability in mind, from choosing fabric to factories, heck, even their website has minimal environmental impact. The result is comfortable, soft, and durable clothes in high quality. Organic Basics creates essential pieces suitable for any wardrobe.

Not-So-Boring Underwear And Socks


© Photo Anekdot

You can feel free and comfortable in your own skin wearing Anekdot. The brand fuses upcycled material with certified sustainable fabric to create precious and delicate lingerie that hugs the body.

Anekdot works with ethical manufacturers in Poland and Germany, where the brand is based. This makes it possible for the company to reduce its carbon footprint and closely track their supply chain.

Swedish Stockings

© Photo Swedish Stockings

Swedish Stockings is a leading sustainable hosiery brand that makes stockings, socks, and tights for any personal taste.

You can find endless colours, prints, and textures in their wide range of hosiery. Start to wear your stockings as a statement piece, this is an easy way to make an outfit “pop”. If you prefer more subtle outfits, Swedish Stockings have something for you too.

The sustainability efforts of Swedish Stockings is as great as their hosiery assortment. All of their products are produced using renewable energy, and made from recycled PET bottles and sustainable materials. They even go a step further in contributing to the circular economy by implementing new textile innovations, such as recycling old pantyhose into fiberglass tanks and furnitures used in other industries. You as a consumer can also send in your old pantyhose for recycling and get their -10% discount. Everybody wins.

Nico Underwear

© Photo Nico Underwear

Feeling comfortable and sexy in your underwear is not enough, Nico Underwear let’s you feel good about your shopping decisions as well, by only using certified sustainable materials.

It doesn’t stop there, this Australian brand works with ethical manufacturers in India and Bangladesh (yes, you read it right). By collaborating with manufacturers that comply with their set of code of conduct and that are protected by Accords that legally bind them to treat their workers ethically, Nico Underwear ensures that their supply chain stays as sustainable as their products.

Eco Intimates

© Photo Eco Intimates

Another Australian lingerie brand on this list, Eco Intimates, is creating hand-made garments using organic cotton. In partnership with small suppliers and ethical manufacturers located in Bali, Indonesia, they have committed to slow fashion that is made to last.

Eco Intimates have a good range of basic underwear sets and sweet decorated and printed pieces. Apart from their underwear selections, they also make adorable lounge and sleepwear, perfect for gifts.

Layer Up: Outerwear

Hund von Hund

© Photo Hund Hund

Berlin-based brand Hund von Hund (now named Hund Hund) is not only, to our delight, dog-lovers, but their consistent transparency and commitment to making sustainable and ethical fashion is equally outstanding to their zany designs. All products are manufactured locally in Europe under ethical work environments.

© Photo Attire

Attire is founded by Xenia Adonts, a fashion entrepreneur and influencer. With her passion for style and sustainability, Attire was born. All garments are 100% natural and 100% biodegradable. The brand Attire showcases quality fabric with trendy and innovative patterns and forms. Fluid silky tops and structured long coats weaves femininity into stronger silhouettes.
Sonia Carrasco

© Photo Sonia Carrasco

Sonia Carrasco tells stories with its collections. With a modern and sophisticated approach, each design is carefully crafted with certified sustainable, recycled, organic, and vegan materials. This Spanish brand has an unique take on timeless garments, fusing quality tailoring with contemporary cuts and silhouettes. The result is feminine and clean statement pieces that are perfect for a capsule wardrobe.

Lounge In Style


© Photo Laagam

Based in sunny Barcelona, Laagam offers affordable and feminine sustainable fashion. They offer on-demand products to avoid overproduction and exclusivity of each piece. Laagam teams up with various organizations including Plastic Bank and Carbon Fund to offset their impact on the environment while also collaborating with block-chain powered Retraced to verify their transparency and sustainability efforts.
Kleed Kimonos

© Photo Kleed Kimonos

Africa is at the heart of Kleed Kimonos. Everything from its aesthetics, spirit, and its dedication to wildlife conservation takes inspiration from “Africa, the Motherland”.
Kleed Kimonos has further widened its creative source to India, where their production is located and where they source their natural materials. 

They work with Oeko Tex certified non-toxic fibers in order to create soft and luxe loungewear. In response to their commitment to wildlife conservation, 5% of all their profits are donated to NGO in South Africa to protect rhinos against animal-cruelty. We also like their circular fashion program that allows customers to send in their old Kleed Kimonos in exchange for a reward.

Djerf Avenue

© Photo Djerf Avenue

Djerf Avenue is founded by Swedish sweetheart, Matilda Djerf. Her laid-back and chic personality is translated perfectly to her clothing line. We especially love the body-positivity and inclusivity behind the brand image and all their photos are not photoshopped, everything is just naturally beautiful. To top it all, Djerf Avenue’s dedication to sustainability and ethical production is reflected in their selection of fibre, packaging, transportation, and supplier factories.

Not sure about size? Go for accessories!


© Photo Covalent

Using renewable energy and salt water, Covalent turns greenhouse gases into new material that can help replace plastic and leather. This is a carbon-negative company that applies new technology in both their material of choice and in their IBM blockchain-based carbon tracking system. To encourage circular economy, you have the choice to return old or unwanted Covalent products in order for them to recycle it into new products.

We have to say, sometimes, innovation and technology in fashion can leave design behind, but fortunately, not in the case of Covalent. Their products are elegantly designed in California and Italy. The brand has adapted a simple and clean style for everyday use and its products are easy to match outfits. We’re keeping an eye on what else they can do with AirCarbon in the future.

Esby Apparel

© Photo Esby Apparel

Designed and based in Austin, Texas, Esby Apparel uses organic and natural materials to minimize environmental impact. It produces in factories located in Los Angeles and New York, which keeps each production close to home and ensures ethical working conditions in its supply chain. Esby Apparel offers a large range of accessories for men and women, and also other categories in clothing and home decor.


© Photo Hozen

“Hozen” means conservation in japanese, which is essentially what the brand Hozen has committed to do, conserve and protect the environment. The brand is based in California, where its factories are based in order to maintain ethical standards in its supply chain. Hozen uses eco-friendly materials such as plant-based leather, recycled plastic zippers and thread, natural rubber, recycled labels, packaging, and hang tags.

Let’s Skip To Summer

Savannah Morrow the Label

© Photo Savannah Morrow the Label

Savannah Morrow the Label is giving us some Australian summer vibes for the other colder side of the hemisphere. Each piece of garment let you daydream away to a tropical vacation spot.

All products are ethically made out of sustainable, biodegradable, and eco-friendly fabric such as organic cotton, ahimsa silk, and natural ramie. Most of their collections are hand woven and hand dyed.

Away That Day

© Photo Away That Day

Away That Day is a London based swimsuit brand that merges design with sustainability seamlessly. Their fabric is made of Econyl® fiber, a recycled material, and they only use eco-friendly packaging, paper, and marketing materials. Their swimwear line is on trend and beautifully crafted to make you feel sexy and chic on a hot summer day. We also love to pair the cute bodysuit with a skirt and blazer for a cute fall/winter look.
UND Swim

© Photo UND Swim

Founded by Giada Fratini and Margherita Bojola, this Italian swimwear and activewear brand stands firm on its dedication to sustainability and slow fashion. Each piece is carefully constructed using recycled fibre and suppliers are all chosen by enrollment in sustainability programs. Essential and timeless is the signature look of UND Swimwear.
Founded by Giada Fratini and Margherita Bojola, this Italian swimwear and activewear brand stands firm on its dedication to sustainability and slow fashion. Each piece is carefully constructed using recycled fibre and suppliers are all chosen by enrollment in sustainability programs. Essential and timeless is the signature look of UND Swimwear.

© Photo Ambìnca

Ambìnca is an Italian swimwear brand that brings Mediterranean vibes to their sexy and sustainable swimwear lines. All garments are made of recycled and eco-friendly materials.

What’s even more impressive is their generous donation program that gives 100% of their profit from the “Animal Collection” towards NGOs dedicated to animal protection.


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