APVRT dot com is spelled with a "V", but pronouced as APART.

Why the confusion?

We use the spelling APART in all our communications and publications. In fact, the ONLY places that are spelled APVRT with a “V” are on our domain/URL and social media account names. We didn’t make this decision just to play with your minds or make our own lives harder, at least not on purpose.

What’s the story behind our name APART?

It all started with an idea that I (the founder) believed sustainable fashion had gained an unfortunate label for being “boring”, “feminine”, and “bland”.  I wanted to showcase the fun and exciting side of sustainable fashion. Coming from a brand management background, I realized that sustainable fashion needed a serious rebranding in the fashion industry. So, I wanted to start with our logo. The logo had to be:

  • Strong
  • Playful
  • Genderless
  • Modern
  • Catchy

This is where APART came in. We wanted to set ourselves APART from the negative stereotypes of sustainable fashion. The name is short, easy to remember, and has from a design perspective, strong letters (two “A”s).

The only problem was, was not available. I mean not available in the practical sense. Someone had bought it and was selling it at a 6-figure, nearly 7 figure USD. What a shame, there were absolutely nothing on that website. As a start-up, that was running on personal capital, this was out of the question. However, I still fell in love with the name while wanting to keep it short, and thought, let’s play with the “A” and turn it upside down! You know, like a modern font. Et Voila!

APVRT with a “V”.

What matters is that people will use the word APART to identify us. While we grow our community, more people will associate APART with us. So here we are today. 


(Don’t worry, we don’t like spam either.)

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