No more unfair competition with fast fashion brands.
We only work with brands that meet at least one of our sustainability criteria:

We acknowledge the complications to sustainability standards and certificates due to lack of a single independent certification body. These audits and certifications can also be costly and time-consuming for brands and retailers to obtain, especially for small businesses. Sometimes, the certificates can even be misused by fast fashion companies.

Therefore, APART do recommend brands to obtain certifications, but it’s not required. If you want more information, you can see the list of sustainability certificates that APART recognizes here.

No Fuss. Easy Pricing.

No Listing Fee

Unlimited number of product uploads.

No Subscription Fee

No risk in listing, even without any sales.

No Cancellation Fee

You can cancel anytime, without any cost.

No Marketing Fee

Your win is our win. We will cover this for you.

You only pay a service fee if you sell

Not sure if this is for you?

Try it out 1st year with a discounted service fee of 6% per transaction.

1st Year

6% per transaction
  • 11% per transaction after 1st Year
-45% off

What does the Service Fee cover?

APART partners can manage all their products, sales, refunds, shipping and payment through our portal.

We work with the leading global shipping providers. Print out the labels from our portal after a transaction has been made, and send off your products without any fuss.

In order for customers to shop safely and easily, we need to maintain a healthy and fast-running website.

Search engine marketing (SEM), Google ads, Facebook ads, Instagram ads, e-mail marketing, influencer marketing…These things adds up, and they are not cheap.

We will answer any customer inquiries and provide quick and professional service to solve their problems.

Get live sales data and analytics, including sales comparison over period, by product category, by location.

Our ledger book let’s you keep track of all your transactions, commission, withdrawals, refunds, and charges.

A few things first

I already have my own online store (website, mobile or social media).

Expose your brand to NEW customers

We are not a substitute, but a complement to your business.

When users browse through our website, they discover new brands. This is an opportunity to showcase your products in order to increase your market penetration and brand awareness.

My brand is carefully curated and the brand image is very important.

Branding is our specialty

APART is selective

We take our branding very seriously with curated images, selection of brands, and products. We want to set us APART from stereotypical "boring' and "bland" design for sustainability.

Why should I position my brand in a smaller marketplace instead of partnering with bigger companies with more traffic?

Niche is the New Black

Boost your conversion rate

Don't get lost in a sea of brands.

Study shows that many consumers want to buy sustainable fashion, but don't know how and where. APART only works with sustainable brands so that consumers know where to easily find them.

How to become an APART partner?

*If you have some questions regarding registration, please contact us and we will assist you with the process ([email protected]).

**We are selective with our brands. Your partnership with APART starts once the admin approves your vendor account.





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